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Q. Return and Exchange Information

You are welcome to do an exchange for the product purchased at the store or online. Exchange can only be done by come to UNIQLO Indonesia store directly. While for the refund of online purchases can only be done by sending the product to our warehouse. Please click below for more information:
Return & Exchange Policy 

1. Product return period is only valid for a maximum of 30 (thirty) days from the date of purchase.
2. Returned product(s) can only be done according to the conditions below for a refund.
3. Returned product(s) is required in its new and original condition with its original price tags and label attached.
4. Product(s) can be exchanged at all UNIQLO Indonesia stores with bringing invoice or receipt from store as proof of payment.
5. Product exchange can be done with a replacement product with the same or greater price based on payment amount.
6. PT Fast Retailing Indonesia can ONLY serve the UNIQLO Indonesia product(s) sale.
7. PT Fast Retailing Indonesia has the right to determine the final decision regarding product(s) returns/exchanges.

Condition For Return & Exchange 

1. Below is the product category that cannot be returned/exchanged: 
User-added image

2. Product(s) is in new, original condition with price tag and receipt.
3. Although the price tag is not attached to the product, as long as the condition of the price tag is still good, there is a receipt/invoice and the product meets the policy, the product can still be processed for exchange/return.
4. Product received as gift, white-colored product, and discounted (value buy) product can be returned/exchanged if it fulfilled the return/exchange policy.

About the exchange of extra sizes:
1. Product bought with size XS, XXL, 3XL or special edition can be exchanged at store with product that is available at store that you visit (to size S-XL).
2. Exchange to size XS, XXL, 3XL cannot be done because stores do not have the extra sizes.

How to Return for Online Purchase User-added image  

STEP 1. Read the return policy and check list
Please check the return policy and check list on the return form

STEP 2. Fill in the Return Form returned product(s).
Fill in the item return quantity and reason code.

STEP 3. Pack & Return
Pack items to return into a box/pouch and include the return form inside the parcel.
Choose any courier company (with tracking system) and return to our warehouse at your own cost. You may refer to below address: 
Address: Pergudangan Balrich (Gudang B), Gudang PT. Nittsu Lemo Indonesia Logistik,
Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing Pal II, RT 08/ RW 02, Kel Sukapura, Kec. Clincing,
Kota Jakarta Utara , Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, 14140

STEP 4. Wait for Confirmation Email
Confirmation email will be sent maximum 2 (two) working days after warehouse receive and verify the returned product.

STEP 5. Refund
For further information about refund, please click the link 

-Refund for Credit Card, QRIS, and Gopay: The refund will be processed in your original payment. You do not need to fill in the refund form.
-Refund for Virtual Account, COD, and Pay in Store Payments: Please fill in the refund form by the link that will be sent through email. You to submit details such as your bank account number and your registered email.

How to Exchange for Online & Store Purchase User-added image  

STEP1. Read the exchange policy
Please refer to the exchange policy on the back of the purchase receipt/invoice.

STEP2. Bring the original receipt (in-store purchase) or return form (online purchase)
A. For online order, please fill in the Return Form and bring this with you when you visit the store. B. For in-store purchase, please bring the purchase receipt when you visit the store.

STEP3. Visit Store
Together with your items for return, bring along your order invoice and return form or original physical receipt (received when you pay in the physical store).

STEP4. Exchange
Bring your new item at our cashier counter to process your exchange. You can exchange product (online/offline) at any UNIQLO Indonesia store.

1. Q: Is it possible to exchange without coming to the store?

A: No. Both online and in-store purchases, exchanges can only be made by directly visiting a UNIQLO store and exchange with product that is available at the store.

2. Q: I lost the receipt; can I still exchange the product?
A: Original receipt is needed for proof of transaction. However, you can still exchange the product at the origin store (purchase store) if you have:
- EDC / Bank receipt
- Purchase history at the app

3. Q: Is it possible to exchange size from XL to XL to 3XL?
A: No, because the size 3XL as well as XXL and XS are not available in the store, while the exchange can only be done with the existing stock in the store.
For online order, you can send it to the warehouse for refund and you can create a new order the product in the size that you want.

4. Q: If there any additional fee if I want to exchange promotion product after the promotion period is over?
A: There will be no additional price if you want to exchange to the same product. However, if you exchange to other product, the based price is the product price that is paid. You may confirm to the store staff for the product information. This also applied for the exchange of Sale product.

5. Q: The price nominal on the price tag was cut off due to it was given as a gift, can it still be processed for exchange/return?
A: If it is only the price nominal that is cut off and the condition of the price tag is still good, there is a receipt/invoice and the product meets the policy, then the product can still be processed for exchange/return.

6. Q: The price tag is no longer attached to the product, can it still be exchanged?
A: Yes, if the condition of the price tag is still good, there is a receipt/invoice and the product meets the policy, the product can still be processed for exchange.

7. Q: Should I use the UNIQLO Box for returning the product?
A: No, you can use other box or packing. Please ensure the product will arrive safely until it reach our warehouse.

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