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Q. About StyleHint

With StyleHint, you can search styles from around the world with photos you’ve taken or saved.
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Find items to bring looks you love to life and discover new ways to wear ones you already own. Click here to get started!  


How to Download

Click the icon to download the StyleHint App and get started!
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How to Get StyleHint Coupon

1) Download StyleHint App
2) Sign in using your UNIQLO online account/ Instagram/ Apple ID
​​3) Click【Discover】 on bottom​
​​4) Click【Tap here to learn more.】​
​​5) Click【Activate UNIQLO Coupon】​
6) Login your UNIQLO online account*

*Click here to create UNIQLO online account.

StyleHint Coupon Terms & Conditions

1. For online purchase or store purchase (one-time use only).
2. Rp 25.000 off with a minimum spend of Rp 250.000.
​​3. Valid for one month. Please check the expiration date on【COUPONS】under UNIQLO App【MEMBERSHIP】
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