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Q. Registration and email verification

[ If you do not receive the verification code ]
If you do not receive the authentication code, it may be due to your email settings. If you do not receive an email, please set your email address so that you can receive emails from, and try "Authenticate Email Address" in a good communication environment.
We would recommend checking your Spam/ Junk mail for our system auto-reply email. If you are unable to find our email, it may due to your email setting had blocked anonymous mailing address.

[ If you get an error after entering the authentication code ]
The following are possible causes:

  • You have clicked the "Send Verification Code" button too many times. You may not have entered the latest authentication code. Please proceed with the authentication procedure again, enter the latest authentication code, and try to authenticate your email address.
  • The expiration date of the authentication code has passed. The verification code must be entered within 30 minutes of receiving the email. if the 30 minutes has passed, please go through the verification process again and enter the verification code before the expiration date.

[ When you return to the authentication code input screen or the screen to send the authentication code appears again ]
This may be due to insufficient space on your smartphone. If you have a PC or tablet, please try to authenticate your email address on another device.

If you do not have another device, please try the following

  • Quit the application that is running in the background and then perform the email address verification.
  • Delete unnecessary e-mails from your inbox.
  • Delete the browsing history and cache of your web browser.
*The above is not a guarantee that the problem will be solved, but is an example of a solution. If you still find the error, kindly please reach out our Customer Support via any channels available below for further investigation. 


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