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Q. How to pay via Mandiri Virtual Account

Below is the step to proceed payment via Mandiri Virtual Account :

1. Open Mandiri Online via web or apps then Input User ID and Password

2. Choose Menu "Payment"
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3. Choose Menu ‘Multipayment’
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4. In “Service provider” column, If the first 5 digits of your payment code is 89022, choose DOKU Merchant.
If the first 5 digits of your payment code is 88899, choose DOKU VA Aggregator.
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5. Input full payment code
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6. Click “Continue”
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7. A. For Mandiri Online web version, OTP (one time password) will be sent to registered mobile phone number. Input OTP to token to receive Challenge Code. Input Challenge Code to Mandiri Online and continue.
    B. For Mandiri Online app version, after confirmation page, click “SEND” and enter MPIN (6 digits).

8. Transaction is done. Please keep your receipt.

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