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Q. Why can not I download UNIQLO ID Apps while I can download other Marketplace Apps?

You can download the UNIQLO ID application through the Apple Store or Play Store with the following conditions:

  • iPhone iPad/iOS ver. : iPhone iOS 13.0 and more.
  • Android ver. : Android OS 6.0 and more.

If you have downloaded UNIQLO ID but you can not use the UNIQLO ID apps, You can clear cache in phone or website settings.

Then, if you have cleared Cache but you still can not use the UNIQLO ID apps, you can change the country settings on Google Play or App Store to be able to download the UNIQLO ID application in the following ways:
  • Open Google Play or the App Store
  • Click settings
  • Select general
  • Select account preferences
  • Select country and profile
  • To change the country, select Indonesia

Notes : Profile switching takes 48 hours to update.

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