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Term and Condition :

  • Promotion Date : 17 - 30 December 2021
  • Sales Store : Online store and all offline store UNIQLO Indonesia.
  • Special Product Promotion : You can check our website to get updated information via link here or follow and check our UNIQLO Social Media.
  • Novelty Airism Mask : get free Novelty AIRism Mask with minimum. Purchase of IDR 1,000,000 in 1 receipt, apply in multiples of IDR 1,000,000. Available in online and offline stores while supplies last.

Q & A
1. Q. Until when the Holiday Shopping Festival promo will be held?
A. Holiday Shopping Festival will be held on 17-30 December 2021

2. Q. Can I get Holiday promotion via online purchase?
A. Customers can enjoy various promotion from Holiday Indonesia, either through the UNIQLO online store or the nearest UNIQLO Indonesia store. Some promoted products have extra sizes (XS & XXL) that can only be purchased through the UNIQLO online store.

3. Q. Is there any price difference in products from UNIQLO stores and online?
A. There isn't any difference price between in all UNIQLO Indonesia stores and UNIQLO online stores, both for items with normal prices and items with promotional prices.

4. Q. What kind of novelties do you have?
A. During this Holiday promotion period 17 - 30 December 2021, you can get novelty AIRism mask.

5. Q. How can I get novelty?
A. Customers can get free AIRism mask novelty with min. purchase Rp1.000.000 in 1 receipt, multiple amount of Rp1.000.000 applied. While stock last
- For purchase online will be sent together with the ordered product while stock last
- For purchase at store is redemption and must be made on the same day as purchase while stock last.

6. When can I get the novelties? And until when are the novelties available?
A. Customer can get AIRism mask novelty starting from 17 - 30 December 2021, while the stock last.

7. Q. Is there a minimum spend to get a novelty?
A. Yes, customer can get the novelty with minimun purchase Rp. 1,000.000

8. Q. If I shop online, will I get a novelty?
A. Customers who shop through the UNIQLO Online Store can get a novelty Airism Mask with a minimum purchase of IDR 1,000,000 in one receipt for the period 17 - 30 December 2021 and while supplies last.

9. Q. If I spend IDR 2,000,000, can I get 2 masks?
A. Yes, customer can get 2 masks if customer spends IDR 2.000.000 because it is applied for multiple purchase amount of IDR 1.000.000. Only in 1 receipt

10. Q. Why did I shop for IDR 1,000,000 (or more) but didn't get a novelty even though my purchase was on 17 - 30 December 2021
A. The Holiday promotion is valid for purchase period from17-30 December 2021 and while the novelty is still available, so it's possible that customers won't get novelty at a certain time.

11. Q. What color and size for free AIRism mask novelty?
A. Customer can get free AIRism mask novelty in black or white color only. Size options is limited in S, M, & L size while stock last.

12. Q. Can customer choose color & size for free AIRism mask at online store?
A. Customer cannot choose any color or any size due to limited stock at online stores.

13. Q. Can customer choose color & size for free AIRism mask at offline store?
A. Customer cannot choose any color or any size due to limited stock at offline stores.

14. Q. When can I make an online purchase to get the Holiday promotion?
A, You can make purchases through the UNIQLO App or website from 17 December 2021 starting at 02.00 WIB

15. Q. How to purchase in online store?
A. To make purchase online, you can download UNIQLO Apps on your smartphone or visit our website
If this is your first time to order online, please register your email first that can refer to this link 

16. Q. Are the Holiday promotion valid at any store UNIQLO malls?

A. UNIQLO loyal customers can enjoy Holiday promotion at all UNIQLO Indonesia stores or through UNIQLO online stores on 17-30 December 2021

17. Q. How do I check the stock availability of the promotion item?
You can visit our website at and see the availability of the promotion products.

18. Q. I saw the Holiday promo and plan to make bulk purchases. Can I split the purchase receipt and get the quantity of AIRism mask based on the receipt?
A, This promo is only valid for customers and can't be obtained on behalf of the company purchase.

19. Q. Can I exchange or return promotion products?
Return & exchange policies are different for purchase directly in store and from online store as below
- If you purchase in online store, you can return the product by following our return policy. You can refer to the link here for more information about our refund policy.
- If you purchase at store, 
items can be exchanged in 30 days from purchase date as long as receipt is still available and original price tag still attached. You can refer to the link here for more information about our exchange policy.

20. Q. I want to return my item purchased online due to wrong size, should I return the Novelty Airism Mask as well?
A. The product return policy for online purchases can be found via link here and you do not need to return a novelty that you have been received.

21. Q. I am having a trouble to access the website. Why I can't access the website?
A. We are experiencing high traffic on our website. Please wait a moment and try accessing again.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support towards UNIQLO Indonesia.

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