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Q. Bulk Purchase Information

- Bulk Purchase is made by a company/institution in large quantities for certain purposes
- You can make bulk purchases on the UNIQLO website/app here
- There is a 10% discount with a minimum purchase of IDR 10,000,000. 

Purchase Mechanism:

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Terms and Conditions:

1. Customers will get a 10% discount with a minimum purchase of IDR 10,000,000 with one product code for normal price products. 
2. The 10% discount does not apply to Value Buy or Limited Offer products.
Discount also does not include shopping bags such as paper bags and eco-friendly bags. 

3. Bulk Purchase for UT and Special Collaboration are not allowed, due to limited stock  
4. There are two payment methods to choose from:  
- In-store payments (cash, debit or credit card)  
- Transfer to bank account. We need 1 ( one ) working day to confirm receipt of payment . Products will be allocated after completing the payment process with an estimated 7 – 14 days. 
5. Customers need to pick up the product at the selected store 
6. Products purchased in Bulk cannot be exchanged or returned 
7. Reseller is not allowed to do bulk purchase.


1. Q : How do I make a bulk purchase?  
A : You can make bulk purchases on the UNIQLO website/app here 

2. Q : Has the order been processed after order confirmation?  
A: Your order will be processed within 1 x 24 hours working days. We will send you an email or call you by phone to confirm the order. 

3. Q: When is the fastest time to collect my bulk purchase?  
A: If all stock is available in our warehouse, it will take us a at least of 4 days to deliver the order to the store you choose.  
However, if the stock is not available in our warehouse, it will take us 7-14 days to collect the stock at the store you choose 

4. Q : Is there a special price for bulk purchases?  
A : You will get a 10% discount with terms and conditions that apply. Please contact our Customer Support via or via toll-free phone at (001) 8033-2160-290 for more information 

5. Q : Can I get a tax invoice?  
A : Yes, you can request a tax invoice for bulk purchases.

6. Q: How is the issuance of Tax Invoice? 
You can request a tax invoice via email separately with the email subject: Request Tax Invoice_Order Number 
Please attach the following documents:  
1. NPWP on behalf of the company (pdf format)  
2. SPPKP on behalf of the company (pdf format)  
3. Statement letter with hand signature / In-store Purchase Statement (pdf format; document format will be submitted at the shop)  
4. Purchase receipt (pdf format. All parts of the purchase receipt must be clearly visible)  

Note: Document no. 3 (statement letter) and no. 4 (purchase receipt) can only be sent after you make a transaction in our store. 

7. Q: How can I pay for my Bulk Purchase order?  

A: You can make payments via bank transfer, or through in-store payments.  
If you choose to pay directly at the store, then you can make the payment when you pick-up the product at the store that you chose.  
However, if you choose the bank transfer payment method, then we will send an email for payment confirmation of the order payment by bank transfer, after you choose to "Continue" 

8. Q: If I choose to pay by bank transfer, can I pick up the products on the same day?  
A: It will take us 1 working day to check the payment. Therefore, products can’t be picked up on the same day when the payment was made. 

After you make a payment, the stock will be allocated to the store that you choose to pick up the product. The products will be able to be picked up on the accepted pick-up date. 

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