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Q. Online Alteration Service

Available at any of our UNIQLO stores and online store, we offer free normal lock stitch for selected UNIQLO pants priced IDR 299.000 or more.

 Alteration Type Item IDR 299.000 & AboveItem Below IDR 299.000
 Normal Stitch Free IDR 30.000
 Blind StitchIDR 30.000IDR 60.000

For online purchase with alteration, the delivery lead time will take an additional 1 day from the estimated normal delivery lead time.

If the product is eligible for alteration service, there will be an option to choose the alteration type and length for alteration.
Here are the type of stitches available for alteration at UNIQLO Indonesia stores.

1. Visible (Lock) Stitch: A standard method that uses single stitching on both the interior and exterior. Depending on the length hemmed, traces of removed stitching may remain. In addition, distressed items will lose the distressing on the part that is hemmed.

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2. Hidden (Blind) Stitch: A blind stitch is nearly invisible stitching for a neat look. We recommend this stitch with dressy pants like the Smart Ankle Pants for a clean look. Blind stitch can not be used on Jeans or thick materials, If this stitch is not available on the product page, a Blind stitch is not available.

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Before you select your alteration, be sure to know your exact measurements, as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for altered products.
Below is how you measure your product length.
STEP 1: To find the right measurement, begin by measuring a pair of pants that you already have to get an idea of the inseam length you’d like to select for alterations.

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STEP 2: Please measure from the center of your inseam (crotch) to the length you want the pants altered to. For example, if you select 70cm from the dropdown menu, the inseam to the hem measurement will be cut off at 70cm long.

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STEP 3: After you note these measurements, please select your colour, waist size and length, and choose the type of stitch type and length of the alteration you want for your bottoms.

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To see our common FAQ about alteration, click here

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