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Q. Gift Wrap Service for Order Online

Now you can send a gift for for product that purchase at online store. You can choose Gift Box and Gift Bag as a gift wrapping. We can send your gift products with Wrapped or Unwrapped and free Message Card

1. Wrapped
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-  Gift Box price is IDR 20.000 and Gift Bag price is IDR 59.000
-  All ordered items will be wrapped in the gift box.
- The price label on the product tag or package will be hidden
- We will choose type of gift box based on total of items.

2. Unwrapped
Gift wrapping materials will be included in the packaged with the products. You can choose gift box  or Gift Bag without wrapping service with options below :

- Gift Box
Our Gift Box is available in 3 sizes: S, M, and L for Rp20,000.
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- Gift Bag
A gift bag that can be wrapped easily by pulling its string. Available in 3 sizes: S, M, and L for Rp59.000
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Message Card (Free)
You can send it with a message of your choice with term and condition below :
- 35 Characters maximum per line (may use up to 7 lines)
- Please do not use emojis, pictograms and supported languages.
- The message will be printed on the back of the card.

- Customer can only choose one gift option for one order. 
- The price label on the product tag or package will be hidden for wrapped
- The name of the person who placed the order will be written on the invoice
- We do not accept the return / exchange of gift box/ bag.
- If your products exceeded the size of available Gift Box or Gift Bag, they will also be delivered in unwrapped condition, along with your chosen wrap.

*You will be able to choose your wrap in product payment process.

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