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Q. How to pay with VA Bank Mandiri

Please refer to below steps for payment through Virtual Account (VA) Bank Mandiri.
The payment will be verified for 1.5 hours after you completed the payment. You may refer to this link for further information on how to check payment status.  

Via ATM Mandiri

1. Insert Mandiri ATM card then Enter PIN.
2. On main menu, choose “BAYAR/BELI”.
3. Choose menu “MULTIPAYMENT”.
4. Enter the first 5 digits of your payment code/VA Number as the company code.
5. Enter the full payment code.
6. Input the amount.
7. Confirmation page will appear, check again if Name & Amount are correct, the press 1 and press “Ya”.
8. Payment confirmation page will appear. Choose “Ya” to continue.
9. Transaction is done, and please keep your receipt.

Via Livin’ by Mandiri

1. Login to Livin’.
2. Choose Menu Bayar.
3. Enter the first 5 digits of your payment code/VA Number on the search box.
4. Input full payment code/VA Number.
5. Make sure the payment details are correct such as VA number, Payment Amount and other details.
6. Choose Source of Fund.
7. Select Continue to Pay then enter your PIN and confirm.
8. The transaction is complete and save the receipt as proof of the transaction.

Via Other Banks

1. Choose menu "Transfer antar bank" or “Transfer online antar bank”.
2. Enter Mandiri bank code (008) or choose Mandiri as the beneficiary bank.
3. Enter your 16 digit payment code on Beneficiary Account.
4. Enter Amount to pay as per your purchase. Different amount cannot be processed.
5. Confirm your transaction summary on screen and press “Yes” to continue Transaction is done. Please keep your receipt.

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