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Q. How to pay with QRIS

We provide a payment method with QRIS which allows you pay with QRIS barcode through mobile banking or e-wallet. The time limit for payment is 15 minutes. Therefore, if you do not complete the payment within the time limit, you will receive cancellation within 30 minutes. 

You may refer to steps below for payment with QRIS: 
1. After choosing the product and the delivery option, you will be directed to the payment option and you can choose “QRIS” 
2. Click “Continue” and check your order  
3. After all the order is correct, click “Place Order” 
4. Please wait for the QRIS barcode to be shown. Please don’t leave the page. 
5. After the QRIS barcode is generated, you can scan or screenshot the QRIS barcode. 
*Please be note to NOT close or click back or refresh the QRIS page before the payment is done. The QRIS barcode will be gone if you click "back", refresh or close the QRIS page 
6. Complete the payment by scanning or uploading the screenshot of the QRIS barcode on your chosen payment platform (mobile banking or e-wallet). 
7. After the payment is done, you will be redirected to your UNIQLO account on “order received” page.

1. Q: Why can’t I find the QRIS barcode for payment? 
A: The QRIS barcode will only be shown once after you after you click “place order”, please be willing to wait. Therefore, if you close the QRIS barcode page while it hasn’t fully generated or even after it shown, then the QRIS barcode cannot be seen anymore and your order will be cancelled within 30 minutes. 

2. Q: How long is the time limit for QRIS payment? 
A: The time limit for payment QRIS is 15 minutes after the QRIS barcode is generated. 

3. Q: Can I use e-wallet for payment with QRIS? 
A: Yes, you can use e-wallet or mobile banking to complete your QRIS payment. You can scan or upload the screenshot of barcode QRIS on the e-wallet or mobile banking application. However, payment with QRIS through GoPay Later cannot be done.


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