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Q. [Promotion Period Ends] Free Cotton Tote Bag for Click & Collect Order

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Order date period: 29 March - 4 April 2024 (Order based) 
Purchase store: Online store (website/app) with CLICK AND COLLECT
Mechanism: Every online order with CLICK AND COLLECT with minimum product value Rp 699,000 (exclude alteration fee, gift-wrapping fee, and coupon) will get 1 (one) free Cotton Tote Bag, no multiples applied and while supplies last.  

1. Q: My order meets the requirements but there is no information that I’ll get the Cotton Tote Bag on the checkout page. 

A: There is indeed no information on the checkout page regarding the novelty Cotton Tote Bag. If your order meets the requirements, the warehouse will automatically ship the Cotton Tote Bag along with the products to the store.  
*You can check the invoice after you collect the package to make sure whether you get the Cotton Tote Bag novelty. If there is no “Cotton Tote Bag” statement it means that you do not get the novelty due to out of stock. 

2. Q: Why do I not get a free Cotton Tote Bag although I’ve spent Rp 699,000?  
A: Cotton Tote Bag is given to customers who meet the requirements and while stocks last. So it is possible that you did not get the Cotton Tote Bag because the stock is no longer available. 

3. Q: Where can I get the information that the Cotton Tote Bag is not available anymore? 
A: You can check the UNIQLO website/app page or the main FAQ page or this FAQ for information. As long as there is no "Fully Redeemed" or "Out of Stock" information on the website/app page or this FAQ page, meaning that the stock is still available. 

4. Q: I choose Click and Collect, can I get my order with Cotton Tote Bag by the same day I ordered?  
A: For period 29 March - 4 April 2024, all Click and Collect order will be processed at our online warehouse. Please wait for email notification with the subject <UNIQLO Indonesia> Your Click & Collect Order has arrived that you will receive after the product has arrived at the store. You may refer to this link for further information about Click and Collect. 

5. Q: Will I get the Cotton Tote Bag if I picked up my Click and Collect order on 29 March 2023? 
A: Cotton Tote Bag will be given to customers who place and pay their order on 29 March - 4 April 2024 with minimum purchase Rp 699,000 (after coupon deduction) while the supplies last. For order before and after the promotion period you will not get the Cotton Tote Bag, although you pick the product during the promotion period. 

6. Q: Will I get the Cotton Tote Bag if I choose “Ship to Address”? 
A: No. One of the requirements to get the Cotton Tote Bag is to order with Click and Collect. 

7. Q: I want to return my order because I chose the wrong size when shopping online. Should I return the Cotton Tote Bag too?  
A: The product return policy for online purchases can be found via the link here, and you do not need to return the Tote Bag that has been received. 

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