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Q. Refund Information for Online Order

The refund process for the online order returns will be processed within 7-15 working days (Bank estimation). You will receive email for the refund details within 1-2 working days (excluded Saturday, Sunday, public holidays) after your returned product has been verified by our warehouse. Below is the flow of refund:
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Refund will be processed based on the payment method
1. Credit Card Method
For payment with a credit card, the fund will be credited to the limit of the credit card which you used to purchase the order. The estimation of the refund process is 7-14 working days since you received refund confirmation email.

2. QRIS Method
For payment with QRIS, the fund will be credited to the payment origin (mobile banking/e-wallet used):
a. QRIS method with payment source GoPay: The fund will be credited to your GoPay balance maximum within 3 working days.
b. QRIS method with payment source mobile banking or other e-wallet (except GoPay): The fund will be credited to your bank or e-wallet within 7-15 working days, depends on Bank's policy.

3. GoPay Method
For GoPay method, the fund will be credited to your GoPay balance within 1x24 hours.

4. VA Bank Transfer and COD (Cash on Delivery) Method
For VA Bank Transfer and COD (Cash on Delivery) payment methods, the refund will be transferred to your bank account number. You can submit your account number via the form link sent within the notification email. For VA Bank Transfer payment method, you will receive 3 (three) email notifications, which are: 
a. Refund confirmation email which you will get after the product has gone through the verification process (1-3 working days). 
b. Refund form submission email which you will get after you have submitted the refund form (google form). Please only submit the refund form just one time. 
c. Email notification after the refund is successful with estimation 7 - 14 working days after you submitted the refund form. 

1. Q: The product that I returned has arrived at the warehouse but why do I not receive the email for my refund? 
A: When the product arrives at the warehouse, there will be no notification. You will get the refund email notification after the product that you returned has been through the verification process which is 1 – 2 working days (weekend and public holiday is not included). 

2. Q: Will I be notified after the refund is successful? 
A: For payment with: 
-Credit card, QRIS, GoPay: No, there will be no notification when the refund is successful. You may check the refund on your billing statement. 
-Bank transfer, COD and Pay in Store: Yes, you will receive email notification after the refund has been successful.  

3. Q: I use credit card/QRIS/GoPay payment method, do I need to fill in the refund form? 
A: No, for credit card/QRIS/GoPay payment method, you do not need to fill in and submit the refund form because the fund will be credited to your account maximum 15 working days after receiving refund email.

4. Q: Can my coupon be activated after the refund? 
A: No, the coupon that has been used cannot be re-activated. 

5. Q: Will the shipping fee be refunded as well? 
A: No, the amount that will be refunded is equal to the price of products you returned, not including the shipping fee. 

6. Q: Can the discounted product be refunded?
A: Yes, discounted (Value Buy or Limited Offer) can be refunded as long as the policy is fulfilled.

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